Floor plan of 2nd floor discovered

Thanks to the efforts of professor Paul Kruty and his students, an original floor plan of our house was made in 1992. Paul published the main floor plan in his book Walter Burley Griffin in America, but the floor plan for the second floor has eluded me for years. Today, that mystery is solved.

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Countertops and appliance preparation

We walked through the new kitchen with our appliance installer last week, and identified a few small items to address before they arrive on January 3rd. For example, 220v wiring needs to be pulled through for our double wall oven, a valve needs to be installed for the refrigerator water line, etc. Some of the final plumbing won’t be completed until after the counter and sink has been installed. It will be interesting to see how this goes – seems like kind of a mess.

Also, we have learned that “due to the current political climate,” our countertop choice is no longer available. So, we visited the slab warehouse yesterday. Wow!

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Cabinetry updates

Our kitchen cabinet installation was paused due to a ceiling height issue, and our builder had to re-order slightly shorter upper cabinets. That delayed our scheduled appliance measure and installation.

The new cabinets arrived and installation is now nearly complete. This time around, only one of the cabinets is the wrong size. Unfortunately, it’s the cabinet that the hood will be attached to, so that will probably cause an additional delay for the project.

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House painting, stucco color change, and tile work

Work continues both inside and out.

The color change from yellow to gray/brown is visible here. The painter mistakenly switched the trim and window sample colors here.

A painting and masonry contractor is repairing all of the stucco on the old house, and they are coating the old stucco with Texcrete to change its color to match the new stucco on the addition. While we had wanted to re-stucco the old house, this was the fastest and most affordable way to make the house match.

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Stucco, bathroom, and (slow) roof progress

Today, the color coat for the stucco went on. It hasn’t dried yet, and my understanding is that it will darken by a couple of shades as it does.

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Lots of progress to report!

There has been so much activity in the last week that it has been hard to keep up with everything!

The cabinets have arrived in boxes and are packed floor to ceiling in the addition. Installation of the cabinets will begin this week.

We have purchased all of the appliances. We were able to get several as “open box” and “floor model” specials to save a little money. The appliance installer will measure for the appliances next Friday, with installation of them scheduled for Friday, November 2. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the cabinet installation.

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