Other progress – roofing, stairs, and pump

Some progress on the renovation continues, albeit slowly.

The roofing delay we experienced was mostly due to them running out of shingles. The shingle was a special order, and only part of the shipment arrived. So they stopped for a month or so while they waited for the rest to arrive.

Fortunately, it arrived last week, and they returned to finish the addition’s roof and proceed in the main house.

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Roofing update – addition roofing is complete (almost)

The roofing for the addition is finally complete. Well, almost.

Here’s a photo from a few days ago that shows the shingles are complete. The lead vent pipe flashing and the kitchen exhaust vent are also installed.

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How much water can a sump pump pump?

Water continues to be our enemy. The new basement has flooded twice more since the original flood.

Only an inch or two in our latest flood

After re-routing the sump pump into the existing discharge pipe, our front yard has become a swamp. Water constantly drains into the street from our discharge.

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Electrical and other updates

This morning, I met with our contractor and electrician to finalize the placement of can lights, switches, and outlets. We had done all of this in detail in the blueprint phase, which was an incredibly helpful process, but there are always a few tweaks.

Can lights in the mud room are perfectly aligned.

One of the things I’ve realized is that internal structure (framing, joists, ductwork, etc.) can obstruct ideal placement.

This can light under our back door isn’t quite centered due to the ceiling construction.

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Basement carpentry and plumbing progress

The carpenters returned last week and have virtually completed the basement framing work. The plumbing rough-in is also nearly complete. Electrical work should begin next week.

View up from the new basement. Photo taken from what will be the staircase. The stucco has been removed from the former outside wall of our house.

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