Delays, and lumber delivery

Work has been stalled for over a month. We had been hoping to have the slab poured before the end of last year, but the weather didn’t cooperate.

Photo taken January 3, 2018

After several attempts on milder days, the concrete crew wasn’t able to complete the work. In cold weather, concrete takes longer to cure, and it is essential that the temperatures don’t drop and freeze the concrete while it is curing. Despite insulating the ground, it still froze.

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Foundation progress

Work continued last week despite the cold. The concrete forms came off the foundation walls, so it’s now easy for us to envision the size of the addition. The walls were damp proofed on the outsides, which is why they look completely black in the photos below. Exterior drain tile was installed around the addition. The escape window is clearly visible, and the window well drain pipe ties into the drain tile system.

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We have foundation walls

It has been a cold week, but the crew has made a lot of progress. They built the foundation wall forms and poured the concrete.

Next week, they will be working as fast as they can to get our sewer line covered again. (We’re putting RV antifreeze into the sewer right now just in case.)

There is a lot to do before they can backfill (put the dirt back in the hole). The concrete forms must be removed. Drain tile needs to be installed. Waterproofing must be installed. There are inspections.

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