Second underpinning section and waste line extension

After a rain delay, the concrete contractor installed the second underpinning sections last week.

Notice the sump pumps keeping water out of the holes! You can also see how there will need to be a final section right in the middle – where the sewer pipe comes out.

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Preparing to dig

This is a joyless post.

In preparation for the start of construction, we needed to clear out our back garden and remove a tree that would block the foundation.

The result is stark. It is sad to have to remove things from our yard which were perfectly healthy and attractive. I’m telling myself that it had to be done, but it brings me no joy.

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The concrete contractor is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday to begin work on the foundation for the addition. To prepare, we have a few tasks: clear the deck (they will remove part of it), clear the back garden, and remove the mulberry tree.

Had our contractor given us a solid start date for the project, we could have been prepared for things, but they didn’t, and we’re not. We didn’t even definitively learn we would have to remove the tree until last week. So, we’ve been scrambling to pull everything together at the last minute.

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There has been some progress to report. I’ve finally come to accept the cost increases I reported in my last post.

We have hired a plumber to upgrade the water service to the 1 1/2″ required. Our contractor has worked through the final details of the permit, and we finally have the official permit. The police department will allow us to park our car on the street during construction. The contractor has finally given us a rough start date for the foundation work for the addition (in the next week or two). The project timeframe has been extended from 38 weeks to 1 full year.

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